Appreciative Mind was established to teach and support people how to overcome emotional stress and anxiety at school, in the work place, and at home. Delivered by highly-trained professionals, our NHS courses are accessible and can be easily integrated into a variety of settings to provide a positive effect on people of all ages. 


What we do


We support organisations by delivering a range of NHS approved Emotional First Aid Courses to help promote positive emotional health and well-being, particularly during periods of stress and anxiety.

Whatever brings you to Appreciative Mind, we’ll work together to make a positive and real difference to you, your organisation and the young people you are responsible for. Our services can be tailored to you so give us a call to discuss your specific requirements today on 07402 140 205.

How we can help 


Our professional trainers and facilitators are knowledgeable and experienced; they work with parents, young people, carers, frontline workers and business leaders in both public and private sectors to raise levels of emotional well being and resilience.

Find out how our award winning, NHS Emotional First Aid (EFA) programmes can help in schools, colleges, universities, with families or in the workplace. 


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Professional Education, Guidance and Support for Emotional First Aid