Our NHS approved Emotional First Aid (EFA) programmes are professionally designed to help adults, children and young people develop and grow emotionally, improve their well-being and resilience.


For schools, colleges and universities

Emotional First Aid is the first step in supporting a child who is experiencing emotional distress. It works by creating a healthy emotional environment for the child before any specific professional help is sought. 

There are four programmes available for those of you who work with children including teachers, nursery/preschool workers, social workers, learning support assistants and mentors.


1. Primary Emotional First Aid 

This course will help if you work with children between the ages of 5 and 11. It offers an overview of mental health and well-being for children in the primary years setting. The course shows you how to assess risk, help families access appropriate services, provide reassurance and support to the child and encourage them to find strategies to help overcome emotional distress.  

2. Young Persons Emotional First Aid  

This course is for those of you working with young people between the ages of 11 and 25. It focuses on early identification and intervention of emotional problems and will help you recognise behaviours and find suitable strategies before more severe issues develop.

3. Peer Mentor Emotional First Aid  

This course is delivered in two parts to students in school, college and university. The first section focuses on the student’s own emotional well-being, giving them a greater insight into their feelings and behaviours and encouraging reflection. The second part looks at how they can become peer mentors exploring the various skills needed and the importance of empathy.

4. Anxiety Management Workshop

This one day workshop equips you with the tools required to support and prepare young people for potential periods of stress in the future. It focuses on the causes of anxiety and the physical and mental effects it can have. It also covers the relevant NHS services you can access for young people experiencing more severe forms of anxiety. 

On the day, you will receive free copies of the ‘Discovery Guide to Anxiety’ to share with your students and young people. 


For parents and carers


The Parents Emotional First Aid course is about recognising and understanding signs of your own emotional distress. This is not a parenting course. It focuses on your own emotional well-being to help you identify early warning signs and improve your positive emotional health. 

In a report from the Office of National Statistics a parent is quoted as saying “A parent is only as happy as their saddest child.” It is our belief that likewise, a child’s emotional well-being and resilience is a reflection of that modelled by their parents and carers. If you feel a greater sense of positive emotional well-being it may create a healthier emotional environment within the family. 


For businesses and employees


Emotional First Aid enables today’s business leaders and their workforce to better manage their own emotions, combat anxiety and stress, avoid burnout, renew themselves physically, mentally and emotionally and build more productive relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Work related stress causes high staff turnover, poor performance and can have a huge impact on an individual’s quality of life both inside and outside the office. 

Emotional First Aid – Connect 5 Programme

The Connect 5 Programme is an NHS approved training programme designed to help businesses achieve a cultural change within the workplace and improve the overall well- being of each employee.

The interactive courses are delivered over three sessions with the aim of helping participants gain the skills, confidence and information they need to be able to respond to others experiencing poor mental health and well-being. 

One business leader recently said, “Central Government policies are creating an urgent need to shift the way we think about work/life and the skills and competencies we need to develop as individuals, organisations and communities, in order to ensure we stay efficient, effective and healthy. If we accept therefore that emotional resilient people create more resilient organisations/communities, then we need to ensure all staff and business leaders have the skills and ability to manage change effectively.”


Emotional First Aid – Unlocking Potential 


This course is for people who have been out of work or between employments, including the long term sick re-entering employment. 

When people have been out of the employment market or between jobs, it can be a very difficult and stressful time to say the least, with the pressure of making ends meet, finding employment and general day to day living it is understandable that you can feel anxious, sometimes lose confidence and your self-esteem and sense of worth suffers.

This course aims to cultivate emotional skills, become aware of and regulate thoughts, emotions and behaviors so as to more effectively manage anxiety and stress and improve health and well-being: to reclaim a sense of purpose in one’s personal life and relationships with others.

Emotional Resilience Coaching

Emotional Resilience is all about your capacity to handle difficult, demands and high pressure without becoming stressed. It is about not wasting energy on the little things that don’t really matter. It’s about performing well under pressure. It’s your ability to respond to changing circumstances and bounce back from adversity stronger.

The Emotional Resilience Coaching Programme is a unique development programme for today’s workforce. Enabling employees to better manage their own emotions, combat stress, avoid burnout and renew themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

This unique coaching programme has been designed to explore how you can overcome challenges and boost your emotional/mental resilience. You will find how to improve your emotional resilience helping you to deal with challenges more productively, leaving you with more energy and a sense of wellbeing. You will discover strategies to help you flourish in times of change, manage conflicting demands and build more productive relationships with colleagues and partners.


Course prices 

  • Emotional First Aid - 3 days (Primary, Young Person, Parents, Peer Mentor and Unlocking Potential courses)
  • £300+VAT per/person 

  • Anxiety Management 1 day 
  • £100+VAT per/person

  • Connect 5 Emotional First Aid
  • £100+VAT per/person per session

    Emotional Resilience Coaching 1 to 1 session

    £35.00 per hour

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